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At the Harbor Association, our Government Affairs Committee is a critical part of our legislative efforts. The committee disseminates information on governmental, legislative, and regulatory issues that may impact our members and harbor business activities.

We promptly respond to Board requests for the assessment and evaluation of specific issues and initiatives, evaluating them and making recommendations to the Board with respect to possible action. Our Board members regularly testify in local and state hearings on issues affecting the maritime transportation and international trade industry in the Southland.

We believe in staying informed and taking action on issues that affect our community. Visit the links below to learn more about our issues and initiatives, and join us in advocating for the interests of the Harbor Association and our members.

HAIC Strategic Initiatives and Policy Platform

Mission Statement

The mission of the Harbor Association of Industry & Commerce is to be at the forefront of member issues, providing guidance, support, and advocacy to drive our industry forward with education, programming, and proactive policy work.

Statements of Purpose

  • We will provide legislative guidance and promote long-lasting relationships with legislators, to give our members visibility with key decision makers  
  • We will advance foreign and domestic commerce through the ports of our harbor while being a socially responsible voice for the regional economy
  • We will represent the best interests of our members in public forums, meetings, and legislative hearings
  • We will disseminate information with urgency, to include issues, projects, and developments that have direct impact on the members of the harbor business community

2023 Strategic Initiatives


The HAIC is committed to promoting alignment and consistency among legislative and regulatory bodies overseeing public policies impacting America's ports of origin. By encouraging harmonization, we aim to eliminate conflicting policies and foster a more collaborative and efficient regulatory environment that supports the harbor industry's growth and success.

Environmental Regulations

We at the HAIC endorse regulatory reforms that balance environmental considerations with the practical needs of the harbor industry. Our focus is on contributing to the development of the AQMP Clean Air Action Plan and promoting regulations that prioritize environmental sustainability without being misused for political purposes.

Competitive Port Policies

Our priority is to actively support federal, state, and local proposals that enhance the competitiveness of our ports while opposing policies that increase the cost of doing business. We are dedicated to restructuring port traffic, modernizing Pier Pass, expanding freight rail networks, and collaborating with local port authorities to establish Supply Chain Optimization (SCO) programs for more efficient operations.

Resources and Regional Infrastructure
  • Energy:  We advocate for the adoption of reliable, affordable, and diverse energy production sources to ensure a sustainable and resilient energy landscape for the harbor industry.
  • Water Infrastructure:  The HAIC supports projects that secure California's water supplies, addressing the needs of our growing population while maintaining responsible water management practices.
  • Transportation:  We are dedicated to advancing infrastructure projects that increase mobility, support goods movement, and improve overall transportation systems to bolster the efficiency and effectiveness of our regional transportation networks.
Policy Priorities
Budgeting- The HAIC supports transparent budget decisions based on realistic projections and long-term goals.

Education- We support educational training, workforce development, and skilled labor programs to help South Bay businesses meet future workforce demands.

Energy- The HAIC advocates for reliable, affordable, and diverse energy supplies, including renewable sources and conservation measures.

Environmental Regulations- We support regulatory reforms that consider environmental impacts without being misused as political strategies.

Goods Movement- The HAIC supports projects that improve goods delivery throughout our region, allowing cost-effective and environmentally efficient import and export processes.

International Trade- We support trade and tourism initiatives to spur commerce and strengthen the region's position in the global economy.

Labor Costs- The HAIC supports balancing fair treatment of employees with employers' ability to stay in business.

Land Use- We support a balanced approach to workforce housing demands, job creation, industrial and commercial zone protection, open space preservation, and maintaining our unique quality of life.

Litigation- The HAIC supports reforms to California's litigious environment, protecting employers and public agencies from costly, frivolous lawsuits.

Taxation- We support reducing the tax burden on businesses and establishing a tax/fee structure that does not place businesses at a competitive disadvantage.

Transportation- The HAIC supports innovative funding solutions for increased mobility on regional roadways and overall transportation systems.

Waste Management- We support fair, realistic, and consistent water discharge requirements and solid waste management policies that minimize impacts on our beaches and businesses.

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